This is a promo ad I made for the Kristen Cardiasmenos Project - for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. I shot the footage at the Release Party, and edited it in Premiere. The audio is from her debut album "The Awakening" (with some additional live sounds recorded on my camera from the night) .

Nov 2017

This is a Promo vid I shot and edited for HER's Facebook page and other social media. Footage from the HER Oakland Summer Party alongside music by DJ DEITY. Filmed at Lost and Found in Oakland, CA.

May 2017

Just Hand Stuff.  Original piece. Original footage. Original sound. 

Jan 2017

"Mikey Walks" is a personal and original video short that I filmed and edited. It's about memories and time - synced to the instrumental version of my song "Laugh Track." 

DEC 2016

"Infinite" is a Documentary Project I worked on at UCSC. It is about the endless possibilities of electronic music, and how the field is predominately men.

January 2014