Ilana Rappaport is an Oakland based filmmaker, video editor, photographer and musician. She holds a BA in Film and Digital Media from University of California, Santa Cruz, where she graduated with a Production Concentration and focus in Electronic Music. Ilana’s work is all about creating audio-visual experiences that are real and make you feel; she specializes in rhythmic editing, music videos, and capturing the essence of her subjects.

In the last year, she has worked as an Assistant Editor at Airbnb and as a freelance Video Editor for several San Francisco production companies. Currently, she is an Assistant Editor at Umlaut Films.

Ilana was born into a family of professional musicians, started playing drums at age 7, and picked up many other instruments along the way. She is a songwriter, producer, and seasoned session musician who has performed with musicians including Santana's Tony Lindsay, Garth Webber (Miles Davis), Chris Cain, and Clifford Coulter (Bill Withers).

Ilana is an advocate for women filmmakers and musicians and the LGBTQ community. She has volunteered as a Producer with Camp Reel Stories, sits in on drums annually for Lara Price’s The Girl’s Got The Blues, and has contributed her skills as an event coordinator and videographer/video editor for HER Oakland.